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    Youmeal is the all-in-one software solution for food-data management. Request your
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    hat if you could have a detailed, verified list of all the ingredients in your product or recipe catalogue, with regular, automatic updates on allergens and micro- and macronutrients? And what if you could have a tool that could detect and correct errors or inconsistencies, and that also—and this is the icing on the cake—had built into it a simplified environmental balance sheet that helped you to select the most sustainable options and to add value to your product assortment from an environmental standpoint? It might seem a dream to you, but Youmeal makes it happen. 

    Ask for your free demo of our software for analysing and managing food data. In 15 minutes, we will present our all-in-one solution, adapted to your day-to-day realities.

    Just like you, Youmeal is…


    It validates, enriches, corrects, and updates your food data, all in agile mode.


    It tracks allergenic ingredients and increases the transparency of your recipes. 


    It favours energy-efficient and resource-friendly foods and dishes.

    Does it really do all of that? All of that, and then some: discover all the features of our software and our business solutions.