Do you manage numerous food references or recipes?
It’s not easy to quickly calculate their Nutri-Scores, keep them up to date, or get a quick and precise understanding of how to improve them.

Calculating the Nutri-Score requires the availability of regulatory nutritional values (calories, sugars, and so on), but also non-regulatory information that is difficult to calculate: the percentage of fibre, fruit, and vegetables, and what category the product belongs to. Finding the missing information for many products quickly becomes time-consuming and hard to follow.

In terms of individual recipes, nutritional values are not always available in advance. To obtain them, nutritional valuations must be carried out, and food processing (cleaning, hydration, dehydration, and so on) must be taken into account in order to obtain Nutri-Scores that make sense.


Automatic deductions of the fibre, fruit, and vegetable content required to calculate the Nutri-Score

For products, only the regulatory data needed to calculate the Nutri-Score are generally available, and the fibre and vegetable content must be calculated beforehand. Youmeal software goes much farther.
Youmeal software automatically estimates these quantities based on both the product’s nutrition statement and the list of ingredients (text). This makes it possible to quickly fill in a lot of missing data.

Data that cannot be calculated in this way are identified, and a sensitivity analysis is carried out to determine whether these data are really decisive when it comes to getting a specific Nutri-Score letter. For example, if the Nutri-Score is already at A, there is no need for these values.

You can provide us with the product category, or we can do it for you. The software will automatically apply the correct formula for calculating the Nutri-Score.

Nutri-Scores are then automatically calculated for a large number of products.

A single tool for your nutritional evaluations and for calculating the Nutri-Score.

No more need to enter your recipes into a nutrition enhancement software programme to get the nutrition declaration, and then to enter or transfer the nutrition values into a Nutri-Score calculator.
Rather than having to encode your recipes, simply let us import them into the software, whatever the format, such as an unstructured Word document. You do not have to provide us with your ingredients in 100% edible weight and in weight already hydrated or dehydrated: the software models the food transformations on the basis of the products as they have been purchased. For instance, 200g bone-in chicken drumsticks, 100g dried lentils, and so on. Get your Nutri-Scores instantly.

Identify products that are easy to improve

We provide you with a list of products that are close to switching to a better letter (closer to A). You can also consult this list yourself in the software.

Understand how to improve your products and recipes.

For each product, thanks to the easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, discover how many points you need to save in order to get a better Nutri-Score letter and on which nutrients to act to make this happen.
Identify nutrients that are easier to save points on, because they are the ones that are closest to the threshold values, whether in absolute or relative terms. Example: to gain one point, it is easier to increase fibre by 4% than to increase protein by 45%.

Then the interface shows you in one click which ingredients influence the nutrients you have chosen. For example, in the recipe, it is the bread and vegetables that contribute to the actual fibre content.

Again using the dynamic interfaces, once you have identified which ingredients need to be changed, check the impact on other nutrients beforehand, to make sure that the effects on the Nutri-Score are not cancelled out. Indeed, ingredients can affect several nutrients. For example, wholemeal bread will improve the fibre but increase the number of calories. Therefore, the point gained from the fibre may be lost from the calories. It all depends on each ingredient, its proportions in the recipe, and the other ingredients involved. Let us help you.

Reliable results that take food processing into account

If you do not take food processing into account, your nutrient scores will be wrong.

The Nutri-Score is calculated on the basis of the nutritional values per 100g of product or finished recipe. This means that you have to consider both the water absorbed by your pasta, rice, lentils, stock cubes, syrups, and the water evaporated from your sauces, fish dishes, and so on.
Youmeal software manages this processing in the most fully automated way possible.

Fast and easy: send us your data in any format, even unstructured, and we will process it

If you process products, we need to receive a nutrition declaration for each one. If you are processing recipes, we need to receive the quantities of ingredients that are used in them. And if these ingredients are made up of several ingredients such as sauce and veggie burger and so on, we need to receive the EAN or the technical data sheet for them.
Don’t waste time formatting, structuring, or digitising this data. We will do it for you. We can handle all formats and structures.
If your data has been pre-structured in XLS, CSV, URL links, or other segments of code, we can import it.

If your recipes are in Word or other unstructured text format, our teams can encode them. Our powerful text-structuring and -recognition tool will help our teams to process thousands of recipes fast.

We can link our systems together so that the information flows easily, via our API. Handy for information updates.

If the data sheets for your compound ingredients, such as sauces, are in PDF or other unstructured format, our teams can encode them.

You can also have private access to our interfaces for encoding and instant verification of data sheets, so that your teams and/or your suppliers can work independently.

Retrieve your results automatically and present them without having to encode anything

There is no longer any need to encode your results so you can present them to your customers: save time, avoid mistakes, and impress your customers with great-looking visuals.
Whether it’s through automatically generated XLS files, through our API, which links our IT systems, through our app or our food and menu data sheets, with Youmeal, you can retrieve your data where you want, when you want, in the format you want.

What if a recipe changes at the last minute?

Then your Nutri-Scores will too

Youmeal allows you to save precious time by automating certain tasks. What if a recipe changes at the last minute? What if an out-of-stock ingredient is replaced? What if a product is replaced by an equivalent item from another supplier? Your Nutri-Scores are instantly recalculated and updated.

Get a full overview of the profile of your products or recipes.

What percentage of your references have a Nutri-Score of A or B?
Have you reached the improvement targets that your group set?
Sharpen your marketing messages: 20% more Nutri-Scores of A in 2021.
Match your offer to the demand.
Select improvements to support your product range: consult our giant database of products and recipes, which can be filtered according to the criteria you want.

We calculate the nutri-score for them:


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