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Declaration of allergens

No more stressing about allergens that are not listed or whose listing has changed. Make sure that your allergen declaration is followed.

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Calculating your Nutri-Scores

Quickly calculate and improve the Nutri-Scores for many products and recipes. Keep them up to date automatically.

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Carbon footprint

Do you want to measure or improve the carbon footprint of your food products, your recipes, or your restaurant or shop?

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Categorise your foods

Categorise a large number of food products or recipes uniformly and quickly: sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and so on.

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Win your tenders

Are you keen to win food-supply, meal-distribution, and canteen-service contracts by demonstrating compliance?/p>

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Increase your profitability

Do you want to increase your profitability by making sure of your daily and weekly margins?

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Manage your food data

Simplify the management of your food data (products, recipes or menus) and save your colleagues and partners time while reducing the risk of errors

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Improve wellbeing with your meals

Improve the wellbeing of your guests or employees by enabling them to find dishes that are in line with their dietary restrictions and by giving them health and sustainability tips.

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Promote the right food choices to the right customer

Suggest the right menu, meal, or product to the right customer, taking into account their dietary requirements, restrictions, and preferences.

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Safeguard your data on allergens and your legal data

No more stress, no more fines following a regulatory inspection, no more bad press, and no more anaphylactic shock.

Calculating and improving your Nutri-Scores

Determine which recipes, nutrients, and ingredients to change.

Calculate and cut your carbon emissions

Give our planet a breath of fresh air.