How to provide the best food assortment to each customer

We take into account constraints such as allergies, specific diets, environmental expectations, individual tastes, personal choices, and so on.

They trust us

Youmeal provides a software platform and guidance for


Calculate, check, and complete all food data for your recipes and products.

Meet all FIC1169 requirements and comply with national regulations.

User-friendly presentation of data helps you secure contracts.

Measure the sustainability, nutritional richness, and diversity of your food assortment. Improve it through specific and realistic action plans.

Visualise data with dedicated tools

Master, and benefit from, information-sharing

Collaborate in real time with different teams

Our customers

Youmeal has a team of experts in food, nutrition, and environmental impacts, as well as developers, data scientists, and analysts. We’re here to help.

Focused on quality

Tailored to your needs

Wide range of analyses

Youmeal is a fast-growing food-tech company. We want to revolutionise the world of food marketing, sustainability, and health