Are you a quality manager or a dietician for the retail or catering industry, or a wholesaler?
Are you concerned about getting fines from the FASFC, about product returns, bad press or, worse yet, anaphylactic shock?

Having a reliable list of allergens is not easy when a large number of recipes or products are being managed.

And this is even truer for last-minute variations or changes in production!

Youmeal software corrects the quality of data sheets in advance.

With Youmeal, you can automatically detect the presence of an allergen, even if it is not mentioned, and thus avoid spreading the error in your recipes!
According to a 2019 study of 20,000 references, 30% of product data sheets omit an allergen, so that there is no way it can be mentioned in any of the recipes that use these products.

Youmeal’s technology automatically recognises the text of the ingredient lists on the technical data sheets to identify any allergens that the manufacturer may have failed to mention. We make a point of recognising the entire text, not just a few key words. Nothing is left to chance!

The Youmeal software already has many data sheets, and offers them to you automatically.

Youmeal offers an enormous database of digitised, structured, up-to-date technical data sheets. Just help yourself.
You can easily find your technical data sheets based on their barcodes (EAN or GTIN) or from your suppliers’ references (if they are partners).

There is no need to ask your suppliers or copy the data sheets from a PDF: that takes time, and you risk introducing errors!

Youmeal also provides 3,000 “simple” ingredients that are already been checked. There is no need for any encoding. That way, your cod fillet will automatically list fish and exactly what it contains.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Youmeal offers a tried and tested service for encoding data sheets. It also provides you and/or your suppliers with its intuitive interface for encoding and for the instant verification of data sheets.

Monitor the quality of your data:

where are the incomplete or inconsistent data hiding in among your products, recipes, and menus?

Has a product not been assigned its technical data sheet? Does the technical data sheet not have a list of ingredients? Is it missing an allergen? Does the recipe contain a product from which the allergens are missing? Has the recipe been updated?
Identify the problematic products, as well as the recipes and weekly menus that have been impacted. Don’t leave anything to chance any more: in one click, switch from a menu to a recipe, to an ingredient.

For example, a menu will be automatically tagged as suspicious because YouMeal has detected a suspicious ingredient in the recipe based on the LIT text recognition (the failure to mention allergens): you simply have to take the steps required.

Retrieve your results automatically and present them without having to copy anything.

There’s no longer any need to copy your results to lay them out for your customers: save time, avoid mistakes, and impress your customers with great-looking visuals!

What if a recipe changes at the last minute? Then so do your allergens!

Youmeal allows you to save precious time by automating certain tasks.
What if your production system changes a recipe at the last minute, or replaces an out-of-stock ingredient? What if it uses an equivalent ingredient from another supplier? All these changes will ensure that your lists of allergens are automatically updated fully and accurately.

Get a full overview of the profile of your products or recipes.

What percentage of your references are gluten-free? Is there proper coverage of each food category (bread, pasta, etc.)? Do you provide enough gluten-free recipes? Make sure your offer meets demand.
Get ideas for improvement to support your offer: consult our giant database of products and recipes, which can be filtered according to the criteria you want.

Fast and easy: send us your data in any format, even unstructured, and we will process it.

Don’t waste time formatting, structuring or digitising your data, such as lists or quantities of ingredients involved in recipes: we will do it for you.
We encode your technical data sheets or recipes, even in Word, PDF, XLS, CSV, URL links, or any other unstructured format, thanks to our text-structuring and -recognition tool, which allows us to quickly process thousands of recipes. This process can even be automated with only transitional updates.

You can also have private access to our interfaces for encoding and the instant verification of data sheets, so that your teams and/or your suppliers can work independently.

Finally, we automatically follow up on missing data: products without technical data sheets, technical data sheets without a list of ingredients, missing allergens, and so on.


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