Your lists of recipes, menus and products have been organised into 3 sections so that you can easily distinguish:
  • Items specific to your site. For example, a menu that is specific to your restaurant.
  • Items suggested by your superior sites. For example, a generic menu is suggested by your head office or branch.
  • Items specific to your lower sites. This section is useful if you are logged in as a manager of several sites, and you want to navigate easily from one site to another.

These sections also apply to the interfaces that enable adding a product to a recipe, or adding a recipe to a menu.
It is important to understand the following logic: 
  • Items suggested by your superior sites are not editable by yourself; you must make a copy of them first. For example, a generic menu is suggested by your head office or branch. It is not possible to modify this generic menu directly; otherwise all the other sites would use your specific version. However, you can create a copy of this item, which will become editable and specific to your site, and will therefore be added to the list of items specific to your site.
  • Plant managers cannot directly add recipes from lower sites to a menu at their level, as lower site items are considered too specific to be directly visible to all other sites. A copy must first be made at their level before these items can be added for all other lower sites to see.
There is a shortcut to create a copy of the top or bottom site element directly without having to open said element:
We are considering a 4th section: “Items suggested by external libraries”.
Eventually, we plan to offer recipes and menus from external libraries. For example, we could make healthy and sustainable recipes available. These generic recipes could be translated into your own products to make it easier to make the recipes and buy the products. Example: a generic mayonnaise used in a generic recipe would be translated into your mayonnaise with its specific reference. Do not hesitate to contact if you are interested in these libraries!
Happy New Year to all and chin up in these difficult times!