We are going to make the WEEKLY MENUS cards even more beautiful and customizable! We will also finally create ONE DAY MENUS!
Please make an appointment with Sophie for 15 minutes in the next 2 weeks to express your wishes. After that it will be too late, this site will not be re-opened in 2022. It’s now or never!
? Please make sure to pass on this information to the relevant people in your team (marketing, etc).
Example of questions you will be asked:
1) How can we make it easier for you to export and display your menus?
2) From the most important to the least important element, how would you like to personalise your menus ?
– Background in your company colours. You provide us with a background, and it will be systematically used as a background for all the menus on your site.
– Choice of different template backgrounds. You don’t have to provide us with anything, you choose from 4 template backgrounds.
– Integrate your logo
– Adding company-specific pictograms to the menu boxes. What kind of icons? Where can I find them?How not to confuse them with
– Other needs?
3) Do you have any feedback or special requests regarding the weekly menus?
4) What do you consider to be the most important constraints whe it comes to one-day menus? ?
– Can you give us examples of one-day menus that you would like to be able to generate automatically?
What we are already working on:
Being able to slide a “valid every day of the week” category into the middle of the categories for each day.